Although AAID offers choices such as leather and fabric, the most commonly selected materials for headliner are Ultraleather™ and Ultrasuede™, which deliver the look and feel of the finest European calfskin, with all-weather, all climate performance benefits no animal product could ever match. When it comes to durability and abrasion resistance, these products perform on par with leather’s legendary toughness, but at only 1/3 the weight of natural leather. Here are just a few of the reasons Ultraleather™ and Ultrasuede™ fly in premier aircraft all over the world…

Lightweight…less than 1/3 the weight of genuine leather

Easy to care for using just soap and water

Low waste, all usable…100% yield means 44% more for your money

Less shrinkage than genuine leather

Less expensive than leather

Long lifespan

Whether you choose a natural product or a synthetic counterpart, all of our materials have been treated to pass industry flammability requirements. Certification is always provided at no additional charge.