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We have a diverse range of customers but they all have one thing in common; excellent service provided and customer satisfaction.

On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I gave my level of satisfaction as a 10 on the following topics: overall experience, materials selection process, phone calls returned in a timely manner, being able to see the progress of the job on Facebook, quality of workmanship, recommending Arizona Aircraft Interior Designs, Inc. They are great people; fun to work with. I have expensive tastes so they used the best materials available. Our only real hold up was waiting for parts from Beechcraft.​

Duane B.
Beechcraft Owner​

The work accomplished was very well done. The interior looks great and was a big hit with the owner of the aircraft when I showed it to her. We had three quotes and the price was in the middle of the other two; however, we felt the price was extremely fair given the quality of the work performed. We had delays due from having to wait for materials to arrive. Mike called me as soon as he became aware of the delays, which I felt were beyond his control. I appreciated the fact that he was honest and upfront about them. The staff was very helpful. I had multiple samples sent to me to review before I brought the aircraft to them. Additionally, when I arrived, we again went over all the interior materials selections. I am very pleased with the quality of workmanship. We picked up the aircraft over a year ago and we have had zero workmanship issues. Mike offers very high quality at a very reasonable price. I would definitely recommend his shop to anyone looking for a new interior.​

Hal C.
Pilot Cessna Conquest​​

Redoing our aircraft interior was great fun. The Team at AAID worked well together, and integrated our design ideas with their advice from experience. Adding on extra projects like new side windows, a custom air venting system, and cup-holder-armrests never caused any hesitation with the team or delay with the project. Seeing the project progress ‘live’ on ‘facebook’ showing critical steps, allowed me to know when to make well timed visits back to be part of the design process. Sitting in the custom foam seats and having them perfectly conformed to my neck and for lumbar support was more than I could have asked for, and makes all the difference now on long flights. Thank you AAID and Michael Bryant for the personal touch.

Tom W.
Piper Aircraft Owner​

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